3 Steps To Minimize Temperature Cracks In Concrete

By January 11, 2022 No Comments
Broken old concrete staircase with cracked background texture to illustrate Temperature Cracks In Concrete

If you are working on a project that requires pouring concrete, you have to consider temperature cracks in concrete. It is important to keep in mind how the temperature will impact the concrete.

Whether it is during concrete production or when it’s actually being placed, heat has significant effects on all stages of concrete.

Heat, humidity, and wind all play a direct role in the strength and durability of your concrete structure. If you don’t take the proper precautions, your concrete can crack and become less durable. Here is how to minimize the impact of thermal cracking.

#1: Plan ahead.

When you are working with concrete, provide reinforcements that help reduce the chance for thermal cracking. For example, place covers over the area you are working in to provide shade and reduce direct sunlight exposure. There is a big difference between concrete that has been exposed to sunlight versus concrete that has been covered during production or placement.

#2: Work with concrete at the right time.

Concrete absorbs heat during the day and releases it at night. If you are working in an area with severe heating or cooling, the concrete will expand and could be at risk of cracking. So, try to avoid working with concrete at the hottest time of the day.

#3: Use the right concrete mix.

When creating your cement mix, make sure you use low-heat cement, mixed with aggregate substitutes like limestone, slag, or fly ash. You can also use low-to-cementitious materials to help make sure you optimize your concrete mix and reduce your risk of thermal cracking.

Thermal cracking ruins the look of your new concrete. It could also be a safety risk for your structure. It is important to be proactive and minimize the chances of thermal cracking.

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