For more than 140 years, the management and production teams at Columbia Precast Products have been working in the industry in the Pacific Northwest and the rest of the country. Our precast concrete work includes public and private enterprises as we provide both traditional and custom products for a variety of uses.

Whether it’s creating Stone Strong Systems blocks for large retaining walls in a neighborhood or wing walls for stormwater management near a retail center, we’ve made it. Of course, we also produce traditional catch basins, manholes, vaults, and more built to exact specifications for the job at hand.

Not every precast project is straightforward. In some cases, the environment doesn’t allow for straight forward excavation or installation. So we create precast concrete walls that are then assembled in place to create a vault or basin. If it can be built, we’ve built it.

In addition to the precast concrete structures, Columbia Precast also includes features when requested. We can manufacture vaults with shelves, manholes with safety ladders, and basins with hatches for easy access. Give us the plans and we’ll build to the exact specifications.

SMaRT Certification

Columbia Precast Products was the first buried infrastructure facility to earn SMaRT Certification in the United States. This means nearly every aspect of our production process is done in a way that is not only beneficial to our customers but the environment as well.

Our Facility

We moved into our new Woodland facility in 2017 and since then we have been able to improve our efficiencies, our versatility, and our products. Because we’re able to control the environment during the precast concrete construction, we are able to control the mixture, how the concrete is poured, and ensure high quality.

Take some time to look at our work below, including pictures of our new facility. We also offer plant tours!